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Vault Boy, Brotherhood of Steel, a Super Mutant and a Ghoul
Submitted by Jón Kristinsson


Started saving up for Fallout 4

In light of recent events.
Fallout 4 teaser?

What do you guys think, teaser or hoax? I’ll let the wastelanders, the vault dwellers, and the couriers decide!

- Jenny From The Vault

Volper reaches out!

Tell me, how’s things in the Wasteland for you lot?

Vaults can get boring man, nothing like some old fashion Volper cocktail. I shot of whisky and a Jet inhale soon afterwards. Oooooooooooooh.
- Volper
See? Sore loser all the way through.
- Volper
My money’s on the bear, whisky’s a hell of a companion for Milk vs Beer checkers.
- Volper
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